Dear All, We are glad to introduce the Joy of Giving option to express our token of gratitude to all our privilege  customers.


Till now we were giving discounts on special occasions. From now on, its going to be like everyday is special occasion, Yes, you will be rewarded for each and every purchase you make, and your reward points will be added to your wallet. You can redeem during your next purchase. This is applicable only for registered users. So please login with any of your valid E-mail ID.

Points to be Noted : 

                        reserves the right to alter or cancel this program without prior notice.

1. Register yourself on our website and you will automatically get Rs.50 Wallet points added to your  Wallet. 

2.You can redeem the points on your first purchase or can use them for future purchases. Unregistered Users are not eligible for the Joy of Giving.

3. We have mentioned the wallet points for most of the products, that you will earn when you buy them. 

4. For few items we haven’t given reward points, so those are not eligible for Joy of giving.

5.You can buy any number of products and your related wallet points will be added.

6.There is no restriction in the number of items you purchase. So an individual can purchase any number of items. Unused wallet points remain in your wallet and you can redeem them any time during purchase.

7. If we cancel your order, Incase due to any unavoidable circumstances, the related wallet points will be removed from the wallet.

8. For any queries please email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +91 96291 2441